Doomsday Wyoming Style

Well, there’s been a lot of hoopla in the media the last few days due to a bill introduced in the Wyoming State Legislature. I don’t know why, that at this stage in my life, I should be surprised by the kind of reporting and commenting I came across as I tried to find out…

A Milder Wyoming Winter?

Perspective is an interesting thing. If you talk to almost anyone around Casper, the general perspective is that we are having a very mild winter. I spoke with a man in his 60’s who has lived here all his life and he was commenting on how warm this winter has been. Ditto with a man…

We’ve Cheated Old Man Winter

Well, that’s the way I feel when I am walking on November 28th and there are bugs flying in the air around me and the native plants in my garden have turned green and resprouted.  What a great feeling to have a day in the mid 50’s  and no wind. It really is the best…

Climate Challenges and Vegetable Gardening

I moved to Wyoming from the Midwest over 20 years ago. I thought I understood what ‘arid’ meant, but it took two failed vegetable gardens to really get through to me. Sunset’s Western Gardens does a pretty good job of describing our climate: “…this zone sees January temperatures from 0-12 degrees F with extremes between…

Major Wyoming Rivers Now Below Flood Stage

Finally, all the major drainages in Wyoming have dropped below flood stage. As this article points out, however, the rivers are still swollen and dangerous. As you drive by the North Platte in Casper, it doesn’t look like it is moving very fast,or that it would be considered dangerous, but the shear volume is what…

See North Platte River Gauge Readings

You can go to WeatherForYou to see the latest river gauge readings for the North Platte River in Casper – or anywhere you may want to check. We are still, thankfully, holding below true flood stage.

North Platte Through Casper

North Platte Through Casper First of June 2011 It is estimated the North Platter River through Casper, Wyoming will come up 1 to 2 feet by the end of next week.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this guy to gauge the river’s rise.

Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming

The spillway began to flow this past Monday, four or five days ahead of the predicted spill.  Many parts of Wyoming are poised for flash floods and flooding in river ways.

Pathfinder Dam Will Spill Late May

Pathfinder Dam Wyoming. With the cool weather of this past week they predict water will begin to go over the dam spillway late next week. Some areas of the watershed received more snow over the last two days increasing the snowpack levels to almost 200% of normal for this time of year. See the article…

Keeping Tabs on the North Platte River

Probably the best place to keep up with what’s going on with the high spring flows of the North Platte River through Wyoming is at the Newsroom, Bureau of Rec Great Plains Region. The photo of the Pathfinder spillway in 2010 (left) is from the same site.